FAVC 0.93

FAVC 0.93 Screenshot FAVC is a GUI for several different free video tools.

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FAVC is a GUI for several different free video tools.

It takes video files and produces a dvd folder ready to be burned to a dvd and played in any regular dvd player.

FAVC features
  • Input avi/mov/wmv/asf/avs/vdr files to obtain a DVD folder (and an iso if required) ready to be burned to a DVD disc.
  • Automatic file recognition and analysis.
  • Automatically assigns correct bitrate based on disc size chosen.
  • Easy chapter creation.
  • AC3 Retention.
  • Uses Muxman (Via BatchMux) for DVD Authoring.
  • QuEnc or HC Encoding.

    Unzip folder. Go into folder and double click the FAVC file. Choose your Video Files, destination folder, configure the options and then click the generate button. Whilst converting tasks will run on the task bar and can be watched. The main task is video encoding, which is done by QuEnc 0.72 or HC When everything is done you will have a dvd folder in the required directory.

  • Must have Avisynth v2.56a or later installed.
  • Must have .NET framework Version 2 installed.

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    FAVC 0.93 FAVC 0.93

    FAVC is a GUI for several different free video tools.

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    FAVC is a GUI for several different free video tools.

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