Bassman 1.1

Bassman 1.1 Screenshot Bassman was developed to be a bass sound generating tool in the first place, but its frequencies can vary from 20 - 20.

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Bassman was developed to be a bass sound generating tool in the first place, but its frequencies can vary from 20 - 20. Hz, so a whole spectrum of sounds can be arranged. 16 individual frequencies can be set, as well as the tone-duration (in milliseconds) and the wave-form (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth and noise).

The generated sequence can be recorded and saved as a wave-file.

Bassman features
  • 16 individual frequencies
  • Variable tone-duration
  • 5 wave-forms
  • Loop sequence
  • Record sequence to wave-file

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    Bassman 1.1 screenshot

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     Download Bassman 1.1

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