AnywhereTS 3.0.1

AnywhereTS 3.0.1 Screenshot AnwhereTS - The free Thinstation config and deployment tool for Windows.

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AnwhereTS - The free Thinstation config and deployment tool for Windows. AnywhereTS-config is a configuration tool for Thinstation thin clients. It will allow you to customize and deploy thin clients completely from within a Windows environment.

AnywhereTS will enable you to setup a full thin clients solution in no more than 5 minutes on your server with rapid and free clients that boot from the server or from local CD.

AnywhereTS features
  • Supports Windows 2003 Server and Windows Server 2 as Terminal Servers
  • Installs and configures TFTP and DHCP as needed
  • Supports network boot via PXE, CD-ROM or floppy, flash card
  • Supports non-network boot via CD-ROM, flash card
  • Allows clients to connect to a Windows Terminal Server via Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Supports configuration of client network drivers, sound drivers and graphics drivers
  • Supports international keyboard layouts

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    AnywhereTS 3.0.1 screenshot

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    AnywhereTS 3.0.1 AnywhereTS 3.0.1

    AnwhereTS - The free Thinstation config and deployment tool for Windows.

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    AnywhereTS 3.0.1 AnywhereTS 3.0.1

    AnwhereTS - The free Thinstation config and deployment tool for Windows.

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