Yougoodai 0.8b

Yougoodai 0.8b Screenshot Yougoodai player will play video from your favorite videosite's.

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Yougoodai player will play video from your favorite videosite's. You can add any video hosted on youtube dailymotion googlevideo or guba.

The player will automaticly play the flv file. You can add any link to an flv file, even from your harddisk. You can watch your favorite series and movies fullscreen, without interruption. It supports playlistmanagement, playlist sharing, and all standard video functionality.

With YouGooDai Player you can play files from YOUtube, GOOgle Video and DAIlymotion. These are site wich host numerous video files. I found the players there not realy smooth, so I wrote a stand-alone program. This program alows you to organise your favorite clips. The best thing, i think, is that it 'glues' parts together, without having to navigate to the next part.

Yougoodai features
  • Play SWF Movies from Youtube, Google video, Dailymotion and
  • Automaticly convert urls to the flv content.
  • Search Youtube, Google video and Dailymotion for content, and add them.
  • Play fullscreen, 16:9 or 4:3.
  • Stretch a widescreenmovie to the screen
  • Parse links from websites
  • Share playlists over the web
  • Automaticly skip to the next movie
  • Play, Pause, Stop and Seek
  • More, and more to come...

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    Yougoodai 0.8b screenshot

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    Yougoodai 0.8b Yougoodai 0.8b

    Yougoodai player will play video from your favorite videosite's.

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    Yougoodai 0.8b Yougoodai 0.8b

    Yougoodai player will play video from your favorite videosite's.

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