Shape Viewer 1.20

Shape Viewer 1.20 Screenshot Shape Viewer is a free tool, that allows you to view ESRI Shape files.

Developer:   Mohammed Hammoud
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Shape Viewer is a free tool, that allows you to view ESRI Shape files.
Shape Viewer can open (.shp) files that contain the geometry information of the shape file.
With Shape Viewer you can also create new (.shx) file, and new empty (.dbf) file for your shape file.

If you have hundreds of shape files, and you want to view their contents rapidly, and you don't want to open each shapefile in heavy software like ArcView or ArcGIS, then Shape Viewer®will be your choice.
Shape Viewer is a free and light viewer, which can be used to browse and view the shapefiles easily.

If your (.dbf or .shx) files are missing or corrupted, then you can use Shape Viewer® to generate new ones, so that you will not lose your spatial data.
You can associate (.shp) file type with Shape Viewer, so that you can open any (.shp) file in Shape Viewer by double-click the file in Windows Explorer.

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