Hotamp 1.19

Hotamp 1.19 Screenshot Hotamp is a plugin for popular player Winamp 2.

Developer:   SLV Software
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Hotamp is a plugin for popular player Winamp 2.x


  • Winamp control via user-defined hotkeys.
  • Win key support.
  • New Jump to file dialog.
  • System power control on timer or on stop playing.
  • Winamp Guard.
  • Quick loading of your favorite playlists.
  • My Playlist! - saves and restores playlist for each user on your computer.
  • Track Info command.
  • Track Tips - additional track information in the Hotamp Jump to file and Track Info windows.

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    Hotamp 1.19 screenshot

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    Hotamp 1.19 Hotamp 1.19
    SLV Software

    Hotamp is a plugin for popular player Winamp 2.

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    Hotamp 1.19 Hotamp 1.19
    SLV Software

    Hotamp is a plugin for popular player Winamp 2.

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