IconDeveloper 1.3

IconDeveloper 1.3 Screenshot IconDeveloper is a program that makes it a snap to create your own icons for Windows.

Developer:   Stardock Systems
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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IconDeveloper is a program that makes it a snap to create your own icons for Windows. Most icon editors come with their own graphics editor. IconDeveloper doesn't.

Instead, it assumes that most people who want to create icons are either going to create them using an existing graphics package like Photoshop, MS Paint, CorelDraw, or they take existing images (.BMP, .PNG, .JPG, etc.) and turn those into icons.

So instead of putting effort into a bitmap editor, IconDeveloper focuses itself on making it really, really easy to turn existing images into Windows icons and allowing for common modification of those icons (resizing, color changing, etc.). The result is a program that makes icons extremely fast, extremely well and extremely easily.

The free version allows for the creation of standard Windows icons, Windows XP icons, and shell integration.

An enhanced version is also available for $19.95, which adds additional features such as creating and editing any sized icons at any resolution up to 256x256, changing the hue/gamma/color of the icons, batch convert and batch colorize entire folders of icons.

IconDeveloper features
  • Create & Edit Small Sized Icons (16x16)
  • Create & Edit Standard Sized Icons (32x32)
  • Scale Icons to different formats
  • Convert JPGs, BMPs, PNGs to icons
  • Create & Edit Windows XP formatted icons
  • Right click on images from Explorer and convert to icons
  • Convert images from clipboard (copy & paste) into icons
  • Create & Edit Very Large Sized Icons (48x48)

  • Icons are limited to 96x96

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    IconDeveloper 1.3 screenshot

    Download IconDeveloper 1.3

     Download IconDeveloper 1.3

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    IconDeveloper 1.3 IconDeveloper 1.3
    Stardock Systems

    IconDeveloper is a program that makes it a snap to create your own icons for Windows.

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