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E-Time 1.5 E-Time 1.5
Media Programming Group

E-Time is a program for automated system clock correction using Internet.

KeyChrono 1.3.3 KeyChrono 1.3.3

Digital chronometer with up to 9 capture time key, allowing final result to be stored in text file or exported in some other program for custom calculation.

Web Chrono Desktop 1.10 Web Chrono Desktop 1.10
Gaia Dream Creation Inc.

Web Chrono Desktop - do more with your time! Web Chrono Desktop is designed to help you save time.

Bexclock 3.01 Bexclock 3.01

Bexclock easy to use PC clock synchronizer is very easy to use.

TimeSync 2.3.0 TimeSync 2.3.0
Luzius Schneider

TimeSync is a program to adjust the system time of your Computer.

Windows Time Synchronizer 1.1 Windows Time Synchronizer 1.1
Stefan Sigmund

Windows Time Synchronizer is a time client and server to synchronize the computer clock over the network.

Toon Clock 1.x Toon Clock 1.x
Railway Station Productions LLC

Toon Clockis a windows desktop alarm clock program with interchangeable cartoon characters.

MP3 Pizza Timer 2.4.1 MP3 Pizza Timer 2.4.1
Wave Digital Studios GmbH

MP3-PizzaTimer is an easy to use Timer that counts down and plays your favourite music to remind you.

Scotts Nixie Tube Clock 1.1 Scotts Nixie Tube Clock 1.1

Scott's Nixie Tube Clock is a cool looking clock for your windows desktop that looks like an old-style nixie tube clock.

Speed Up Alarm 1.00 Speed Up Alarm 1.00

Speed Up Alarm comes with some preset alarm clock sounds but you can also have it play your own music files.

CSCuckoo Clock 1.70 CSCuckoo Clock 1.70
Chelsfield Solutions Limited

Cuckoo clock is a clock with pendulum, a cuckoo that presents itself on the hour, and a carousel which shows a rotating water wheel and two Swiss villagers alternately swigging their beer as music plays.

Li'l Atomic Clock 1.0.1 Li'l Atomic Clock 1.0.1
Neuhaus13 Software

It is well-known that the Windows system clock is everything else than exact.

Simnor Stopwatch 1.0 Simnor Stopwatch 1.0
Simon North

Simnor Stopwatch is designed as a simple and easy to use stopwatch which can be started, stopped and restarted.

JJ Reminder 1.20 JJ Reminder 1.20
JJ R Corp

Using JJ Reminder, you can easily set up reminder times for the current day or for any day in the future.

Emsa Time Synchronizer 1.0.58 Emsa Time Synchronizer 1.0.58

Emsa Time Synchronizer is an easy to use , very simple and useful time synchronizer and clock setter utility.

AlfaMini 1.7 AlfaMini 1.7
Eugene Boukyan

AlfaMini is full featured desktop clock, countdown, and stop-watch that will come in handy.

Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer 1.3 Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer 1.3
Free Labs Sofware

Atomic Clock Time Synchronizer is an application to keep your PC clock accurate.

CountdownT 0.9.72 CountdownT 0.9.72
Imagine Interactive Systems

CountdownT helps you with all your timing needs.

Absolutely 9.0.538 Absolutely 9.0.538
Timewatch plc

Freeware version of Time(r), the Time Recording, Billing, Costing and Project Management Solution from Timewatch.

Qlock Lite 1.52 Qlock Lite 1.52
Vitei Inc

Qlock is a quick, stylish, simple yet powerful world clock that you can be proud of having on your desktop.

1Click Clocksync 2.0.151 1Click Clocksync 2.0.151
Express Computing

1Click Clocksync is an utility that you can use to keep your computer clock accurate.

Sidebar Preview Sidebar Preview
Alexandru Dobrinescu

Sidebar Preview is, as it's name implies a bar on the side of your screen, it contains a text editor with some organiser features and a media sildeshow capable rendering bmp, jpeg, mp3 and some video files.

Topmost Clock 2.1 Topmost Clock 2.1

Topmost Clock is a transparent desktop clock, which will run on top of all other windows.

SeeThruClock 2004.11 SeeThruClock 2004.11

Displays an analog clock in a circular window on the screen.

SnazzyClock 1.0 SnazzyClock 1.0
I and A Research Inc

The people at I & A Research Inc work around the clock to provide you with the best productivity technology including Mindmanager 6, JCVGantt Pro 2, and many others.