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IconXpert IconXpert
Xpertdesign Software

IconXpert is a very handy tool for programmers who use lots of icons in their programs.

FolderIcons 1.20 FolderIcons 1.20
CyLog Software

FolderIcons is an MS Windows customizing tool, that helps you change the icons of your file system's folders.

Word Icons 1.0 Word Icons 1.0
Debi Dawn

Word Icons is a beautiful and free set that contains a unique and big collection of 45 word icons.

Icons 1.0 Icons 1.0
Flaming Pear

Icons is an icon package that contains more than 70 icons which you can use without restriction.

Change Icon 1.2.1 Change Icon 1.2.1
Pierre-Marie DEVIGNE

Don't you think the appearance of explorer is quite monotonous ? You'd like to find your favorites folders easily ? With Change Icon you can customize the appearance of each folder in Windows explorer by choosing which icon represents it, it is now possible with Change Icon.

Iconshock Impressions 1.0 Iconshock Impressions 1.0
Professional Icons

Impressions contains more than 1000 icons attractively designed to recreate the common appearance of every day and styled with the look of the new Windows Vista.

Free Style 1.0 Free Style 1.0

Free Style is a cute and colorful set that contains 10 icons.

Comic Tiger 1 Comic Tiger 1
The FastIcon

24 freeware icons designed in cartoon style, was inspired in the look of Apple's Tiger operating system.

Samurai Set Vol. 1 1.0 Samurai Set Vol. 1 1.0
Missiku San

Samurai Set Vol.

Dock game icons 1.0 Dock game icons 1.0

Dock game icons is a free and interesting set which contains a total of 7 dock icons for the following games: Bloodrayne 2 Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) I've made these icons because i didn't found any myself for these games.

Alien Mind 1.0 Alien Mind 1.0
Rhandros Dembicki

Alien Mind is a free and interesting set which contains 12 scary alien icons.

Trash Icons 1.0 Trash Icons 1.0
Debi Dawn

Trash Icons is a free and beautiful set of 54 trash icons.

Batch Icon Extractor 1.0 Batch Icon Extractor 1.0
RealWorld Graphics

Batch Icon Extractor - An easy to use and free tool for batch extraction of icons.

Lego System 1.0 Lego System 1.0
Sean King

Lego System is a free and beautiful set that contains 60 Lego icons with the help of which you can transform your whole system into a crazy legoland.

Cookies 1.0 Cookies 1.0

Cookies is a free and beautiful set that contains 11 cookie icons.

Drive Icon Changer Drive Icon Changer
The Tech Turf

Drive Icon Changer is a free utility which will change the default icons for individual drives.

These Icons Are Evil 1.0 These Icons Are Evil 1.0
Fritz Saalfeld

These Icons Are Evil is a free and interesting set which contains 14 evil icons.

Icon Explorer 2.3 Icon Explorer 2.3

Icon Explorer is a free application for browsing, searching, extracting and managing icons files and libraries.

Icon Factory 1.1 Icon Factory 1.1

Icon Factory is a free and useful icon extracting and managing tool.

jFolder 1.104 jFolder 1.104
Sinner Computing

Want to make your folders and drives stand out for easier identification? Customize their icons then! This program allows Windows 2000 and Windows XP users to customise the appearance of icons for drives (Win2K only) and folders.

Kids 1.0 Kids 1.0

Kids is a free, interesting and large set which contains 245 various icons.

Storm Riders 1.0 Storm Riders 1.0
Talos Tsui

Storm Riders is a free, colorful and interesting set which contains 8 Storm Rider icons.

Book Icons 1.0 Book Icons 1.0
Debi Dawn

Book Icons is a free and beautiful set that contains 16 bright book and library icons.

Lord of the Rings 1.0 Lord of the Rings 1.0
Alexander MacLean

Aqua_Blue 1.0 Aqua_Blue 1.0

Aqua_Blue is a free and beautiful icon set.