DLL Informant

DLL Informant Screenshot DLL Informant shows what DLLs are on the system.

Developer:   Johannes Plachy
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DLL Informant shows what DLLs are on the system.

DLL Informant helps you find information about your DLLs. How many of them are just wasting space, which are duplicate and which are OLE servers.

Here are some key features of "DLL Informant":

  • Shows ALL DLLs on your system, and ALL applications that use them.
  • Handy if you have several equal DLLs and are not sure which one to keep, and which one to purge.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Find out which DLL is NOT USED by anybody, which DLL is a registered OLE server etc..
  • Find out which modules are 16 Bit and which are 32.
  • Export complete information database

    Removing DLL's can cause programs or your operating system to not run. Please read the setup readme for excellent tips on DLL's never to remove and backing up DLL's to a temporary directory when your not sure. This program should be used by advanced users.

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    Authors software

    DLL Informant DLL Informant
    Johannes Plachy

    DLL Informant shows what DLLs are on the system.

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    DLL Informant DLL Informant
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    DLL Informant shows what DLLs are on the system.

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