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ListDLLs 2.25 Screenshot A question that I often get asked is "Do you know of a utility that will show me which DLLs are loaded on Windows 9x or NT?".

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A question that I often get asked is "Do you know of a utility that will show me which DLLs are loaded on Windows 9x or NT?". The answer I gave up until recently was "no", until I discovered a tool in the Windows NT Resource Kit called tlist that does show this information.

I decided to write a free-ware version, ListDLLs. Unlike tlist, however, ListDLLs is able to show you the full path names of loaded modules - not just their base names.

ListDLLs can also flag loaded DLLs which have different version numbers than their corresponding on-disk files (which occurs when the file is updated after a program loads the DLL), and can tell you which DLLs were relocated because they are not loaded at their base address.

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