PP Kopimaster 2.4

PP Kopimaster 2.4 Screenshot PP kopimaster backups your files.

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PP kopimaster backups your files. The program includes many useful functions. You can either write the path manually or you can use kopimaster’s File Explorer.

PP kopimaster is extremely FAST. During the process, it shows the path, the file name and the file size.

Kopimaster is very useful for copying in a network environment. You can choose to create extra backups in the destination folder and sort them by ”Day” or ”Month”. Kopimaster is also very helpful if you just need to copy from one folder to another.

Users can rename the files during the copy process or delete the source file and you can choose the file types to be handled by the program.

You can synchronize the files to ensure that the destination folder is identical with the source folder.

You can choose to configure Kopimaster to load to an icon in the Tray bar (the panel next to “Time” in the lower right corner of the screen).

Kopimaster indicates the amount of time spent and it shows you the number of checked files and the number of copied files.

You can activate a log to show error messages, the copied files and the file sizes.

Kopimaster can be loaded in autorun mode when Windows is started; it then automatically creates the backups.

You can use the Windows Task Scheduler to run PP Kopimaster when it is most convenient. You must then ensure to add the parameter autorun after the file name (PP_kopimaster.exe autorun).

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PP Kopimaster 2.4 screenshot

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PP Kopimaster 2.4 PP Kopimaster 2.4

PP kopimaster backups your files.

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