NTFS Undelete 0.9

NTFS Undelete 0.9 Screenshot NTFS Undelete is a freeware application which will allow you to recover deleted files.

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NTFS Undelete is a freeware application which will allow you to recover deleted files. It recovers files directly from hard drive, and it will work even if you empty Recycle Bin.

Before downloading NTFS Undelete, please consider the following:
When you delete a file, its content physically remains intact on the media, but the occupied space becomes marked as free. Next file saved to the disk may overwrite the contents of the deleted file.

It is very important to make sure that no application writes to the drive or partition where deleted file is located since every new file (even a small one) may overwrite the deleted file.

Since deleted files recovery is a very delicate process, we provide our software executable files bundled in different ways.

You can choose the method of installation according to your specific situation.

Windows Installer
Installer will set up NTFS Undelete on your computer. This is the easiest way to install NTFS Undelete; however, installer can be used only when the files you want to undelete are not located on the system disk (usually disk "C:").

If deleted files are located on the system disk, then you should choose different method of installation.

ISO Image
This ISO image can be burned to a CD or DVD disk on any computer. Then just insert the disk to the computer where deleted files are located, and NTFS Undelete will start automatically.

This method of installation is preferred when files you need to undelete are located on the system disk.

ZIP Archive
If you are sure about location where you can unpack executables of NTFS Undelete without damaging files you wish to undelete, choose this option.

Download and unzip files to a folder, then run the executable file. Also, you can extract this archive to an external media (such as USB flash stick) on another computer and then run the software on the destination computer.

  • Microsoft Windows 2/2003/XP/Vista
  • NTFS file system

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    NTFS Undelete 0.9 screenshot

    Download NTFS Undelete 0.9

     Download NTFS Undelete 0.9

    Authors software

    NTFS Undelete 0.9 NTFS Undelete 0.9
    A-FF Labs

    NTFS Undelete is a freeware application which will allow you to recover deleted files.

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