Network Information Requester 1.1

Network Information Requester 1.1 Screenshot Network Information Requester is very simple tool.

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Network Information Requester is very simple tool. You need to launch it and all information will be collected automaticly, without any attention. It takes about a second to collect the information about network settings for the each installed network adapter.

Also you able the save this information to the HTML file.
Network Info Requester is designed to troubleshoot network settings and help to find the network problems at remote computers.

You able to collect:

  • Computer name.
  • User name.
  • Network adapter type.
  • Network card ID.
  • Network card name and description.
  • DHCP settings.
  • Network card IP address.
  • Network card mask.
  • DHCP server IP.
  • The time when DHCP settings arrived and expires.
  • Gateway IP.
  • WINS settings.
  • Primary WINS server IP.
  • Secondary WINS server IP.

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    Network Information Requester 1.1 screenshot

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