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ArezPort 1.5 ArezPort 1.5
Antony Paul Jones

ArezPort is created to scan all the ports you select on your PC system to see if they are open or closed.

KSSWare Extended IP Filter & Monitor 2.3.2487 KSSWare Extended IP Filter & Monitor 2.3.2487

KSSWare Extended IP Filter & Monitor is a useful and powerful firewall that can filter out any IP packet, UDP packet, TCP packet, ICQ packet (by UIN), ICMP packet, and can filter out any packets based on its content.

EnhancedPing 1.0 EnhancedPing 1.0
Jummfa Software, Inc.

Enhanced ping is a tool which has not only all features of traditional ping bundled with Windows but also a especially cool feature: Can find all IP addresses of a host (domain).

WMI Asset Logger 5.6f WMI Asset Logger 5.6f
John J Thomas

WMI Asset Logger is a multifaceted utility that has the ability to return a great deal of information about windows based computer systems on your network, all from the convenience of your Windows XP workstation.

NetHotfixScanner 1.5 NetHotfixScanner 1.5
Nsasoft LLC.

Network Hotfix Scanner is a free advanced hotfix check software that will scan network PCs for missing hotfixes and patches and help you download and install them.

Flash Port Scanner 1.0 Flash Port Scanner 1.0
Mathieu GARCUA

Flash Port Scanner is a fast and simple multithread port scanning tool.

Faltron Port Scanner 1.0 Faltron Port Scanner 1.0

Not the best port scanner around but it works well and quite fast.

Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1 Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1

Advanced IP Address Calculator is an easy-to-use IP subnet calculator that lets you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration in a few mouse clicks! The calculator generates a color-coded bit map, breaking down the network, subnet, and host portion.

Boxscan 1.00 Boxscan 1.00

Boxscan is an application designed to be a fast compact portscanner with an auto-recognize feature.

Faltron Java Port Scanner 1.0 Faltron Java Port Scanner 1.0

Faltron Java Port Scanner is a open source and very simple port scanner written in Java.

CHScanner CHScanner
Calin Radoni

CHScanner is an IPv4 and IPv6 network scanner.

Simple 1.0 Simple 1.0

Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner can analyze and scan your Bluetooth network, giving detailed informations about local and remote devices found.

Elite Proxy Switcher 1.30 Elite Proxy Switcher 1.30

Elite Proxy Switcher (EPS) is a professional proxy checker and proxy switcher for your browsers.

Angry IP Scanner 2.21 Angry IP Scanner 2.21
Angryziber Software

Angry IP scanner is a very fast and small IP scanner.

Local Port Scanner 1.2.2 Local Port Scanner 1.2.2

How wide open is your door? Scan your computer for open/listening ports used by hackers.

Advanced IP scanner 2.5.3850 Advanced IP scanner 2.5.3850
Famatech LLC

Advanced IP Scanner is a robust, fast and easy to use multithreaded IP scanner for Windows.

FreePortScanner 3.6.4 FreePortScanner 3.6.4
Nsasoft LLC

Free Port Scanner is a small, fast, easy-to-use, robust and useful port scanner utility for the Win32 platform.

LanSpy LanSpy

LanSpy gives you a network security scanner, that allows getting different information about the system: Domain and NetBios names, MAC address, Server information, Domain and Domain controller information, Remote control, Time, Discs, Transports, Users, Global and local users groups, Policy settings, Shared resources, Sessions, Open files, Services, Registry and Event log information.

Net Scan 1.0.0 Net Scan 1.0.0

Net Scan is a Network IP Port Scanner.

Advanced Port Scanner 2.5.3869 Advanced Port Scanner 2.5.3869
Famatech LLC

Advanced Port Scanner is a small, easy-to-use, fast and robust port scanner for the Windows platform.

PowerScan XP 1.0 PowerScan XP 1.0
R19 Software

PowerScan XP is used for scanning local or remote machines for open ports.


Fast TCP/IP port scanner.

Open HTTP Proxy Scanner 1.0 Open HTTP Proxy Scanner 1.0
MooreR Software

With this handy little tool you can scan mass IP ranges looking for specific port based open http proxies.

Network Watcher 0.5 Network Watcher 0.5
Hive Studios

Network Watcher is windows application that helps you catalogue network computers and monitor their state.