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Packet Spy 2.1 Packet Spy 2.1
Nathaniel Meyer

Packet Spy is a free and useful packet sniffer utility.

Faltron Port Sniffer 1.0 Faltron Port Sniffer 1.0

Faltron Port Sniffer is a very simple data sniffer that will open a listening port for the local client to connect and direct the data to the server side and vice versa, in the process displaying the data to and from.

Process And Port Analyzer 2.0 Process And Port Analyzer 2.0

A Process to port mapper, Active TCP and UDP connection viewer, Find out Which processes are using which ports.

HTTPSniffer 1.0 HTTPSniffer 1.0

If you need a handily tool to capture and analyze all communications over the HTTP protocol then xIBL HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer is a program for you.

Astral II 2.0.0 Astral II 2.0.0

Protocol definitions are provided by www.

easy Look at Packets 0.9.1 easy Look at Packets 0.9.1

"easy Look at Packets" is a simple packets sniffer.

Kiwi Harvester 1.2 Kiwi Harvester 1.2
Kiwi Enterprises

Kiwi Harvester is a free application that listens for data via the computer's serial interface and converts the data received into standard syslog messages.

Active IP Sensor 1.4.5 Active IP Sensor 1.4.5
Morning Glory Technologies

Active IP Sensor is a handy application that will allow you to watch all incoming and outgoing IP port connections in flight.

Web Sniffer 0.0.14 Web Sniffer 0.0.14

Web Sniffer acts as a proxy server that will allow you to view all incomming and outgoing requests under the HTTP protocol.

IP Sniffer IP Sniffer
Erwan L.

IP sniffer is a protocol analyzer, that will use the XP/2K Raw Socket features.

WinPcap 4.0 WinPcap 4.0
CACE Technologies

WinPcap is the industry-standard tool for link-layer network access in Windows environments: WinPcap will allow programs to capture and transmit network packets bypassing the protocol stack, and has additional useful features, including kernel-level packet filtering, a network statistics engine and support for remote packet capture.

PortPeeker PortPeeker
Binary Visions Inc.

PortPeeker is a freeware utility for capturing network traffic for TCP, UDP or ICMP protocols (see Note below about ICMP traffic).

Active Ports 1.4 Active Ports 1.4
SmartLine Inc.

Active Ports - easy to use tool that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on the local computer.

Free Serial Port Monitor 3.31 Free Serial Port Monitor 3.31
HHD Software

Free Serial Port Monitor is a freeware suite which consists in a serial port monitor, Com Rs232 sniffer with communication packet data analyzer.

FirePanel XP Sniffer Tool 1.0 FirePanel XP Sniffer Tool 1.0
R19 Software

FirePanel XP Sniffer Tool is a handy tool used for monitoring or troubleshooting your network activity.

SniffPass 1.13 SniffPass 1.13
NirSoft Freeware

SniffPass is small program that listens to your network, capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter and then display them on the screen.

FakeDaemon 1.99 FakeDaemon 1.99

FakeDaemon is an easy to use port listener, to trick attackers, also known as a honey pot.

EtherSnoop Light 1.11 EtherSnoop Light 1.11

EtherSnoop is a basic network sniffer, that will capture all packets going through the network, including dial-up connection or network Ethernet card.

BillSniff 1.0.1 BillSniff 1.0.1
Krzysztof Wlodarczyk

BillSniff is a network protocol analyzer (sniffer) that provides detailed information about current traffic, as well as overall protocol statistics and more.

SmartSniff 1.30 SmartSniff 1.30
NirSoft Freeware

SmartSniff will allow users you to capture TCP/IP packets that pass through your network adapter and view the captured data as sequence of conversations between servers and clients.

VisualSniffer 2.0 VisualSniffer 2.0
BVTech Inc

VisualSniffer is a powerful packet capture tool and protocol analyzer (ip sniffer or packet sniffer) for Windows system.

York Network Trace 1.34 York Network Trace 1.34
the sz development

York Network Trace will show all the traffic in your network.

IP_NetStat 1.1.6 IP_NetStat 1.1.6
IP Worx

IP_NetStat - graphical network statistics showing open TCP/IP ports and their connections.

PlasticSniffer 1.1 PlasticSniffer 1.1

PlasticSniffer is a totally free, compact and portable (thanks to .

IM Sniffer 0.9.116 IM Sniffer 0.9.116

Intercepts and decodes all instant message traffic received by the computer (currently AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and MSN but will support Yahoo and jabber by version 0.