York Network Trace 1.34

York Network Trace 1.34 Screenshot York Network Trace will show all the traffic in your network.

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York Network Trace will show all the traffic in your network. Sniffs packets, files, passwords, web sessions and pictures.

Log source, destination [fqdn or ip address] and packet size of all network traffic on your network, of course also outbound traffic. The network card will be set into promiscuous mode.

Save sniffed HTTP and FTP files. Just for fun, pictures are shown in a slideshow and in a screensaver like window.

Sniff for HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SMB, VNC and AIM password/hash.
Select a client and follow his clicks in your browser. [WebSession]
Screensaver included. Shows sniffed pictures in a slideshow.

For advanced user: You can capture traffic into a pcap file, send a pcap file and replay a pcap file.

Please note, WinPcap [http://www.winpcap.org] is used to get the network traffic. The Setup will install WinPcap automatically.

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York Network Trace 1.34 screenshot

Download York Network Trace 1.34

 Download York Network Trace 1.34

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York Network Trace 1.34 York Network Trace 1.34
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York Network Trace will show all the traffic in your network.

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