Name2Ip2Mac v1.2

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Developer:   Ionut Cioflan (IOn)
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Converts very fast:
- ComputerNames into IpAddress or MacAddress
- IpAddress into ComputerNames or MacAddress


Name2Ip2Mac v1.2 screenshot

Download Name2Ip2Mac v1.2

 Download Name2Ip2Mac v1.2

Authors software

Ionut Cioflan (IOn)

BORGChat is the most complete LAN Chat application on the Internet.

Name2Ip2Mac v1.2 Name2Ip2Mac v1.2
Ionut Cioflan (IOn)

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Name2Ip2Mac v1.2 Name2Ip2Mac v1.2
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Name2Ip2Mac v1.2 Name2Ip2Mac v1.2
Ionut Cioflan (IOn)