Infstaller 2.0

Infstaller 2.0 Screenshot Infstaller is a tiny tool that performs one simple but very useful task for programmers: it automates installing software via INF files.

Developer:   Lior Ostrowsky
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Infstaller is a tiny tool that performs one simple but very useful task for programmers: it automates installing software via INF files.

If you spend a lot of time programming, you'll probably want to fork out the money to buy dedicated setup software; if you don't mind coding your own setup routines, however, you can create custom installations using setup information (INF) files.

The major drawback in using an INF file is that your users need to know to right-click the INF file and choose Install from the pop-up menu to start the installation. But now there's Infstaller, a little program that automatically runs any INF file in the same folder.

Thus to automate your setup routine, you just copy Infstaller.exe to the same folder as your INF file and have the user double-click Infstaller. You can, of course, rename Installer.exe to setup.exe or install.exe to make the whole process even easier.

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Infstaller 2.0 screenshot

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