Born To Run 2.0

Born To Run 2.0 Screenshot Born To Run is an application developed very much like the Windows Run dialog.

Developer:   Lior Ostrowsky
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Born To Run is an application developed very much like the Windows Run dialog.

Since it's a standalone application, it can be run from anywhere on your desktop, with almost any key combination, unlike the Windows Run dialog, which can only be run from the Start menu.

You can also only type the file name (without the extension) for 17 common extensions. You can set a list of your most used files, foldes, or Internet resources and to launch them automatically at specific time intervals.

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Born To Run 2.0 screenshot

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Born To Run 2.0 Born To Run 2.0
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Born To Run is an application developed very much like the Windows Run dialog.

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