Unlimited Menus 1.6

Unlimited Menus 1.6 Screenshot Unlimited Menus Creation to launch almost everything in your Computer and Internet.

Developer:   Vasilis Stamatopoulos
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Unlimited Menus Creation to launch almost everything in your Computer and Internet.

The idea of Unlimited Menus creation based on the fact that all SysTray launchers fill their icon ListBox with folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, etc. imposing after some time the necessity to keep notes for a navigation through them.

So what is more simple than having one launcher with several menu lists named according to their contents, and which they can be called immediatelly in conformance with the specific time needs. And that's exactly this application: a SysTray launcher constituted from two separated programs.

My menu - Main Panel which is the execution interface of the unlimited number of the menus you've created, together with My menu - MultiRunner panel from where you can execute several programs or commands with just one mouse-click.

Menu Builder - Main Panel which is the constructing tool of your launching menus, together with Menu Builder - MultiRunner which is the multiple launching collections creator.

Unlimited Menus means Unlimited ways of launching processes and an Unlimited number of launching items in the same Menu list.

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Unlimited Menus 1.6 screenshot

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