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UniTTY 2.0.2 Screenshot UniTTY is a multi-protocol client that provides you an impressive suite of connectivity applications in one easy-to-use package.

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UniTTY is a multi-protocol client that provides you an impressive suite of connectivity applications in one easy-to-use package. UniTTY is fast, feature-rich with heavy emphasis placed upon administrative efficiency and ease of use.

UniTTY is a multi-faceted client that does much more than just standard SSH. This client provides the network administrator with the ability to connect to systems using SSH, SFTP, Telnet, Secure VNC and also provides sophisticated identity management facilities that help to cut down on repeated and unnecessary password entry.

Feature Rich and Free!
No other client application matches the feature set provided by UniTTY. There has never been a more integrated client application that also provides the distinct advantage of platform independence. Written in Java, UniTTY can be used on your Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. UniTTY essentially makes your existing connectivity software redundant.
There is no longer any need to familiarize yourself with multiple applications for each network protocol since UniTTY delivers them all.

Automatically Secured VNC Sessions
The standard VNC display protocol is not a secure protocol by design. It is quite possible for VNC network traffic to be intercepted by a third-party and this could possibly lead to compromization of your network security. However, when VNC is combined with SSH, all traffic is encrypted across the wire.

Existing methods of securing the VNC protocol are generally time consuming and unsuitable for those without a firm grounding in the principles of computer security.

UniTTY simplifies this process so that it becomes almost invisible to the end user. A secure SSH connection is created automatically, and the VNC protocol is configured to be forwarded over the SSH channel. Basic unencrypted VNC sessions are also supported for compatibility with those hosts that are not also running an SSH server.

Transparent Proxying Using SSL-Explorer

Traditionally, connecting to systems within the corporate network from a remote site would usually involve port forwarding to overcome NAT issues. UniTTY however comes with inbuilt support for connecting to internal hosts transparently proxied via an SSL-Explorer VPN server.

Using this method you can administer internal hosts with ease and make use of all the above services. Firewalls can be easily negotiated since the SSL-Explorer makes use of port 443 only, with all traffic between the client and the gateway encrypted using the industry-standard SSL protocol.

UniTTY features
  • Supports SSH1, SSH2, VNC, Telnet, SFTP, Secure VNC and Socket connections
  • Supports SSL-Explorer VPN proxying
  • SSH supports password, public-key and keyboard-interactive authentication
  • Identity manager allows creation of keys and reduces password entry
  • Configure remote systems for access with your public-keys automatically
  • Faster data transfer rates than competing applications
  • Platform independent - supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris
  • Intuitive interface for maximum user friendliness
  • Terminal supports VT100, VT220, VT320 and ANSI Emulations
  • Multiple sessions can appear as seperate tabs in the interface
  • VNC supports Hextile, ZLib, Raw encodings
  • Fully configurable terminal with various color/cursor settings
  • Spawn new windows or clone existing sessions to new windows
  • Resizable fonts can scale proportionally with screen size
  • Data compression supported
  • Supported ciphers are 3DES-CBC and Blowfish-CBC
  • Store connections & settings to file

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    UniTTY 2.0.2 UniTTY 2.0.2
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    UniTTY is a multi-protocol client that provides you an impressive suite of connectivity applications in one easy-to-use package.

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