qFileSync 2.0.65

qFileSync 2.0.65 Screenshot qFileSync will keep the folders content (two or more) syncronized (identical).

Developer:   David Piepgrass
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qFileSync will keep the folders content (two or more) syncronized (identical). Basically, it compares two or more folders, and copies the newest version of each file to the other folders.

With many people having two computers, or taking their work home with them on a disk, it's becoming increasingly useful to have a synchronization tool. With qFileSync, it's easy to keep your data synchronized. Every time you quit the program, all your settings are saved; so if you synchronize often, all you have to do is start the program and click the Synchronize button.

Suppose that you are synchronizing two folders and the file "My Thesis.doc" exists in only one of them. qFileSync can then use "Smart Sync" to guess whether the file was newly created (in which case it should be copied to the other folder), or deleted from one of the folders (in which case it should be deleted from the other).

qFileSync remembers what date you last synchronized; When using Smart Sync, it compares the file's date stamp to the last sync date. If it is after, then the file is probably newly created, but if it is before, then it has not been updated since the last sync, which probably means the other copy was deleted, and this copy should be deleted too. From this it determines a default action to take, and asks you to confirm.

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qFileSync 2.0.65 screenshot

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qFileSync 2.0.65 qFileSync 2.0.65
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qFileSync will keep the folders content (two or more) syncronized (identical).

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