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No-IP 2.2.1 Screenshot No-IP Free offers an easier way for others to locate you on the Internet.

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No-IP Free offers an easier way for others to locate you on the Internet. If you want to serve web pages, share MP3s, host Quake, or run any kind of Internet server, you need a name so your users can find you. It's simple.

You choose a name for your computer and we tell the world where your computer is located. EveNo-IPn better, we also provide you with a program that notifies us whenever your computer's IP address changes. Instead of being just a number on the Internet, your server is now always available by the same easy-to-remember name.

Get A Name To Remember
The IP addresses used by computers to communicate are difficult to remember. You wouldn't think of accessing, by typing "" into your browser, would you? With No-IP free, your computer now has a name, not just a numeric address. You can have a server that's just as accessible as the Internet's biggest sites.

Make Your Location Constant
Even better is that your name remains the same, even when your service provider changes your address behind the scenes. Dial-up accounts, and some DSL or cable modem subscribers, often get a different IP address every time they connect. Although this allows your ISP to serve a large number of customers with a small block of addresses, it means that your location on the Internet is always changing. By automatically maintaining the relationship between your fixed name and the changing IP, No-IP Free anchors you in cyberspace.

Shorten Your Favorite Web URLs
Ever wish the URL for your personal website did not resemble With No-IP Free, you can transform this clunker into

Here are some key features of "No IP":

  • Auto network configuration that makes setup faster.
  • Easier to use. The client downloads all of the hosts associated with your account. Simply check the ones you want update.
  • Use encrypted data. Update requests are encrypted to insure data integrity.
  • Can be ran as a NT service. You do not have to log on to your NT machine to have the client run

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    No-IP 2.2.1 No-IP 2.2.1
    Vitalwerks Internet Solutions

    No-IP Free offers an easier way for others to locate you on the Internet.

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    No-IP 2.2.1 No-IP 2.2.1
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    No-IP Free offers an easier way for others to locate you on the Internet.

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