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Developer:   Fduch Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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1. Disks contain 2 Tabsheets "Fixed, Cd, Net, Ram" and "Removeable". "Fixed, Cd, Net, Ram" serves for show information about "Fixed, Cd, Net, Ram". By default AutoRefresh devices is off, but you can check on Interval of Refresh in Tools-> Options -> Interval.
You can change interval from 1 to 60 secounds. For manual Refresh press F5.

2.0 Quick Launch.
Contain Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Useful Tools. You can quickly choose those components. This components become active in popup menu of roll up application.

3.0 FreeTemp.
Lets you see information about your Temp files, If size become large you can Clear optional files pressing "Delete All Optional Files". You can Press button "Delete All Optional Files and Start Defragmenter".
In this case starting defragmentator. You can control Temporary Internet Files, History, Cockies, Recycle Bin pressing need TabSheet in FreeTemp.

4.0 ShutDown.
Here you can set time, when PC is shut down, if your PC support ATX.

5.0 StopWatch.
Just StopWatch.

6.0 System.
Show memory and how long PC is work.

7.0 AutoStart.
Show Regestry of autostart. For control which application starts automatically. You can delete records from regestry pressing right button of mouse on record.

8.0 Points of Menu.
File->Exit. Exit from application.
Tools->Options. Loads options Interval and Capacity.
Tools->Refresh. Refresh information about disks.
Tools->StayOnTop. Lets make application StayOnTop.
Tools->AutoRun. Lets make application start, when OS starts.
Help->About. Information about creaters and how you can relation with me here.

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InfGadget 3.007a screenshot

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InfGadget 3.007a InfGadget 3.007a
Fduch Software


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