HardLinker 1.1

HardLinker 1.1 Screenshot HardLinker is a shell extension DLL which allows you to easily create hardlinks on Windows 2 and NT4.

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HardLinker is a shell extension DLL which allows you to easily create hardlinks on Windows 2 and NT4.

HardLinks will allow you that only a file can be set with more than one path to it. When you create a hardlink to a file, the original file and the hardlink share the same information like file attributes, file-content etc, but the data is not stored twice.

If you need a file at several positions on your partition, you don't have to copy them any-more. You just can create hardlinks. This saves you diskspace and all the hardlinks share always the same content. If you have i.e. an include file you need in every of your project you can create hardlinks to the original file. When you update one of these hardlinks, all other links are affected too.

The file system keeps a hard-link reference counter on each file. Only when you delete the last hardlink of a file, the file is deleted, too.

  • Create hard links
  • Integrated into explorer (Shell extension)

  • Hardlinks can only be made on filef (NOT directories)
  • The partition type must be NTFS
  • You only can create hardlinks within the same partition. They can't point to another one.

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    HardLinker 1.1 screenshot

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