CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5

CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5 Screenshot CS Fire Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring tool for the Windows 2, Windows XP and Windows 2003 platforms.

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CS Fire Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring tool for the Windows 2, Windows XP and Windows 2003 platforms.

It has an extensive range of live monitoring screens that capture data from many areas within a PC and since the application has its own inbuilt database it is also capable of producing a number of reports which can be saved in a variety of ways.

In addition, the Remote Viewer allows the user to access other PCs on the same LAN or over the Internet to extract key information.

CS Fire Monitor is highly configurable and incorporates several methods of monitoring the same info so that each user can choose the most appropriate method to meet their needs

1. Bandwidth Monitor

The bandwidth monitor detects all connections on the system and monitors the amount of data going to and from each connection. Displaying current send speed and receive speed of each connection. The monitor also stores the amount of data into the stats database. Allowing reports to show how much data has been sent and received for the past year.

2. CPU Monitor

The CPU monitor detects the current CPU usage of the system. Also detects current speed of the CPU as well as many other facts on the CPU installed. A real time clock speed is part of the monitor to show real time current CPU speed.

3. Drives Monitor

The drives monitor detects the amount of used, and free space of a selected hard drive. Also gives detailed info for each hard drive and shows total capacity of all hard drives combined.

4. Hardware Monitor

Shows all hardware ever installed on the system that Windows has kept track of. You should see old hardware that is no longer installed but once was and not uninstalled, along with all current hardware. Also it can track any hardware that has been added or removed. It will then store the changes in the stats database for future reports.

5. IP Monitor

Monitors your internet IP and/or your local IP. When your IP changes it stores it in the stats database. Also you can enable the email feature under task monitor to email you or a group when the change of a IP address happens sending them the new IP.

6. Memory Monitor

Monitors physical memory, virtual memory, and Page File. Also shows how many physical memory chips are installed and the size of each.

7. Netstats Monitor

Only works on Windows XP, 2003 or newer. Shows all current connections on the computer, but also shows which programs are making those connections. This uses a undocumented API call that is only available from XP and above.

8. Processes Monitor

Shows all running processes and very detailed info on each running process.

9. Services monitor

Shows all services running on the system. Gives detailed info on each service.

10. Software Monitor

Monitors all current installed software. Tracks when software is installed or removed and stores the data in the stats database for reports.

11. Task Monitor

The tasks monitor will be the biggest part of the program as time moves on. Right now the tasks only do 2 things and that is email alerts when your IP address changes. In future updates more and more tasks will be added, a example would be " If this does this then do this". More will be added as per user feedback.

If you would like the program to run a tasks when a certain event happens just contact us and we will add it into the program if it isn't already there.

NOTE: - It has been discovered that "Window Blinds" interferes with the setup process. Please disable "Window Blinds" if you have it installed.)
- "Window Blinds" doesn't interfere with the CS Fire Monitor itself.
- CS Fire Monitor Has been tested on the new service pack 2 for Windows XP.

If you use the CS Fire Monitor Screen saver, CS Fire Monitor must be running for the screen saver to get the data.

CS Fire Monitor v1.6.1 and later can now start as a service. So if you have the program start as a service you can also change the default logon screen screen saver to the CS Fire Monitor screen saver using this easy method from Microsoft. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314493

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CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5 CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5
Crofts Software

CS Fire Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring tool for the Windows 2, Windows XP and Windows 2003 platforms.

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CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5 CS Fire Monitor 2.5.5
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CS Fire Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring tool for the Windows 2, Windows XP and Windows 2003 platforms.

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