WinDriver Expert 1.90

WinDriver Expert 1.90 Screenshot WinDriver Expert is a utility that enables you to detect hardware, backup driver or drivers currently installed on your system.

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WinDriver Expert is a utility that enables you to detect hardware, backup driver or drivers currently installed on your system.

My Driver enables you to restore drivers, find the latest drivers and install them to your computer.

With WinDriver Expert, you may choose to backup a certain driver or the entire drivers to an EXE automatic installer. If you have a hardware that is troublesome, just remove it with the software.

WinDriver Expert features
  • Automatic Driver Update with 58,600+ latest drivers in database.
  • Automatic Driver Extraction and Re-Creation.
  • Stand-along EXE Installer Creation.
  • Network Backup and Restoration.
  • Advanced Driver Removal.
  • New Hardware Installation Wizard.
  • Restore Driver from any form of medium with a Wizard.
  • Hardware Detection independent of installed drivers.
  • Hardware Examination detailed down to Chip/Chipset.
  • Find Drivers on the Internet with high accuracy.
  • Contact Hardware Manufacturer and Vender with ease.
  • Detailed Hardware and Driver Information Printing.
  • PnP ID hardware fingerprint comparison.
  • Driver Compatibility Test before download and installation.
  • Download Drivers from the Internet with proxy server support.
  • Floppy Disc Creation with My Drivers included.
  • Outlook, Outlook Express, IE Favorites backup and restore.
  • Free Updates all the time.
  • English, French, Spanish Interface and Document Available.
  • Comprehensive Help and Online Technical Support.

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    WinDriver Expert 1.90 screenshot

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    WinDriver Expert is a utility that enables you to detect hardware, backup driver or drivers currently installed on your system.

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