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SplitEasy 1.0 Screenshot Disk space is the most vital aspect when dealing with huge files.

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Disk space is the most vital aspect when dealing with huge files. The size of a file and transferring huge files has been a threat to most of the pc users.

Even a floppy, CD ROM or any removable media has its own limitations in file storage. This complicates file transfer and the entire process consumes your time.

SplitEasy is a reliable file splitter that splits larger files and makes file transfer more comfortable. It enables you to split large files into manageable file segments.

The split file segments can either be stored on floppy disks, CD ROM, Zip Drives or sent via email.

SplitEasy will allow you to easily merge the files segments to its original size. You can regain the original size of the files with few clicks.


  • Split to hard disk, floppy disk
  • Place large files on multiple diskettes
  • Break and send large files via email
  • Split files and recreate files of any file type (avi, mp3, exe, etc)
  • Split your files into any sized bytes, KB ,MB & GB
  • split files and rejoin to original size

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    Disk space is the most vital aspect when dealing with huge files.

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