Replicator 11.3

Replicator 11.3 Screenshot Replicator is an auxiliary application for HostMonitor.

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Replicator is an auxiliary application for HostMonitor. It is not included into Advanced Host Monitor package however it is free for licensed owners of Advanced Host Monitor.

Although Replicator is a very small application it serves to save you huge amounts of time. Those who have large networks with hundreds of servers will appreciate the ability to replicate a test (i.e. reproduce and apply to...) for an array of systems in almost an instant.

For example if you have a CPU Usage test that works on one machine, with the help of a Replicator you may reproduce the same test for every workstation without a hassle of setting the parameters of each of them separately.

You may obtain this product with any version of Advanced Host Monitor.

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Replicator 11.3 screenshot

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Replicator 11.3 Replicator 11.3

Replicator is an auxiliary application for HostMonitor.

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