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Quick StartUp Screenshot Quick StartUp organizes applications that auto-run using Registry, Startup folders in the Start menu and Win.

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Quick StartUp organizes applications that auto-run using Registry, Startup folders in the Start menu and Win.ini file.

Do you have a ton of programs that start automatically each time Windows starts? Surely you are not using all of them right away, so there is no sense waiting for all of them to load and to start at the hourglass. Quick Startup allows you inspect, edit, temporary disable or delete such programs.

When you select a startup entry in the list, Quick StartUp displays detailed information on the program in the Details box at the bottom of the window.

You can easily determine whether or not you wish to have the program started on the basis of the Product name and Company. If you have never heard of the company or the product, then the entry is probably not needed.

Click the check box in front of an entry to clear it, and the program will no longer be started the next time you start Windows. In this way, you can find out for certain whether the entry is needed.

If something doesn't work properly the next time you start Windows, all you have to do is select the check box again.

If you are certain that you no longer need an entry, you can remove it from the list entirely by clicking 'Delete this entry'.

Quick StartUp features
  • Browse all startup entries in an elegant list view.
  • Ability to temporary disable autostarted application
  • A simple, user-friendly interface
  • Add startup entries.
  • Edit startup entries.
  • Disable or enable startup entries.
  • Delete startup entries.
  • Get detailed information about individual startup entries

  • Memory
  • 64MB of RAM, or the minimum memory required to run Windows, although more memory is recommended for better performance.
  • Disk Space Required to Install Program
  • 2Mb

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    Quick StartUp organizes applications that auto-run using Registry, Startup folders in the Start menu and Win.

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