Password Safe 3.0

Password Safe 3.0 Screenshot Password Safe keeps your passwords and data secure with 256-bit encryption.

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Password Safe keeps your passwords and data secure with 256-bit encryption. It's an easy to use portable application which can be used from your PC or USB thumbdrive.

Password safe is a great personal data management tool. One 'Master Password' is all that is needed to access all your passwords and personal information.

Password Safe keep passwords and other private information secure by using strong encryption algorithms. Strength is often measured in the number of bits used for the encryption key. Many systems commonly use between 64 and 256 bits. Most cryptographers consider 128 bits to be strong enough to take a very powerful computer many years to break.

View or edit your passwords, and drag & drop or copy your passwords and other information to web pages and other software. Strong encryption keeps your information safe and secure.

Password Safe features
  • Web site passwords

  • Credit card and PIN numbers

  • Computer logon passwords

  • Telephone banking codes

  • E-mail passwords

  • Software access passwords

  • Door entry and alarm codes

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    Authors software

    Password Safe 3.0 Password Safe 3.0
    Password Safe Company Ltd

    Password Safe keeps your passwords and data secure with 256-bit encryption.

    Portable Password Safe 3.0 Portable Password Safe 3.0
    Password Safe Company Ltd

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