Pablo Commander 1.4

Pablo Commander 1.4 Screenshot Pablo Commander is a mixture between Norton Commander and Windows Explorer.

Developer:   Pablo Software Solutions
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Pablo Commander is a mixture between Norton Commander and Windows Explorer.

Here are some key features of "Pablo Commander ":

  • Most features of the original Norton Commander like copy, move, delete and dual pane views.
  • Look and feel of Windows Explorer.
  • Full drag and drop support.
  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Multi threaded file management by using shell API for most operations.
  • Changes to file and folders from another programs will be immediately reflected in the views of Pablo Commander.
  • Context menus just like Explorer.
  • Compare the contents of two folders.
  • Integrated FTP client (including FTP to FTP), view/open files and folder just like your local files/folders.
  • Intelligent addressbar to select folders, execute programs, connect to ftp sites and almost every other Windows Shell action.

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    Pablo Commander 1.4 screenshot

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