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DrWindows 1.06.01 DrWindows 1.06.01


PicoXT 0.1.0 PicoXT 0.1.0

100% assembly language written small (29,696 bytes) IBM PC-XT(tm) emulator.

Vista Upgrade Prank 1.00 Vista Upgrade Prank 1.00
RJL Software, Inc.

The Vista Upgrade Prank starts by emulating the Windows Update service screen.

theMuzak 1.00 theMuzak 1.00

XP Super Tweaker 1.0 XP Super Tweaker 1.0

UncleT's Joke Corner 2.00 UncleT's Joke Corner 2.00
Timo Ahokas

UncleT's Joke Corner is a freeware program to tell jokes from web.

Beep 1.0 Beep 1.0

Beep is a prank program that causes a person's computer to emit a loud and high-pitched beep (which means that even if they turn their desktop speakers off, the beep remains).

Talker 1.0 Talker 1.0
Sharo Ltd.

You have nobody to talk? Talk with the computer! Talker is a comic application for those addicted to talking.

ComicReader 0.3.2 ComicReader 0.3.2
Erik Pragt

Xteq X-Shooter 1.0 Xteq X-Shooter 1.0
Xteq Systems

FWEngine 1.0 FWEngine 1.0
David Aguirre Grazio

FWEngine is a software that allows you create, edit and view pyrotechnic effects and fireworks.

Fright 1.0 Fright 1.0
Michael Buckley

Fright is an extension for all practical jokers out there.

Earthquake 2.0 Earthquake 2.0
LizardWorks Inc.

Earthquake will surprise someone when their opened windows will start shaking like there is an earthquake inside the monitor (even aftershocks included).

Add/Remove 1.0 Add/Remove 1.0
RJL Software, Inc

Drive Opener 1.0 Drive Opener 1.0

Drive opener is a prank program that runs in the background to prevent the victim from having a CD-ROM in any CD drive.

Desktop Haunting 1.0 Desktop Haunting 1.0
Downloads Machine

Desktop Haunting is not a screensaver.

Fake Progress Bar 1.2 Fake Progress Bar 1.2

Chord keyboard major online 9 Chord keyboard major online 9
Flash Music games

WordShuffle 1.2.1 WordShuffle 1.2.1

WordShuffle creates a random order of words in a text.

Fortune Telling 3.60 Fortune Telling 3.60
Sharo Ltd.

ProjectCrush 1.0 ProjectCrush 1.0
RoadSide Software

Shakedown 1.00 Shakedown 1.00
RJL Software, Inc.

Minimizer 1.0 Minimizer 1.0

Minimizer is a prank program that will minimize the active window every twenty seconds.

Slow Clock 1.0 Slow Clock 1.0

Slow Clock will slow down your victim's clock by 10% (1 sec.

Crash 1.2 Crash 1.2

Crash is a prank program that will continue to open more and more instances of itself, crashing even the fastest of computers.