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mList 1.0.1 Build 21 mList 1.0.1 Build 21
Paul Swonger

mList is an application designed to keep track of software, multimedia, and similar collections in an easy to manage and intuitive interface.

MP3 CDOrganizer 1.4 MP3 CDOrganizer 1.4

MP3 CDOrganizer is a lightweight, but powerful MP3 Organizer for windows.

DigiCat 1.1.e DigiCat 1.1.e
Fabrice De Weerd

DigiCat lets you catalogue your CDs, DVDs and other drives.

Disc DB 1.0 Disc DB 1.0

Rampage Media Organizer 1.3.9 Rampage Media Organizer 1.3.9
Lewis Miller

Rampage Media Organizer is a small tool that helps you organize you media (mp3,mpg,avi etc) files into seperate folders for each file depending on its file name.

BG CD Manager 1.42 BG CD Manager 1.42
Tomasz Iwanow

BG CD Manager is a easy to use cataloging CDs/DVDs software.

Maple Reader 9.0.5 Maple Reader 9.0.5
Crystal Office Systems

Maple Reader is a small utility that allows you to view tree files created in Crystal Office Systems' Maple application.

Catalogic 2.0 Build 302 Catalogic 2.0 Build 302
Damian Furfuro

Catalogic is a complete CD cataloguer, MP3 organizer and Back up searcher.

CDlyse 1.3 CDlyse 1.3
Mali programer

If you need fast and easy CD/DVD cataloging CDlyse will help you with.

Offline CD Browser 3.1.16 Offline CD Browser 3.1.16
Anders Petersson

Index and catalog your removable drives to get your files organized and categorized.

Katalooga 0.98a Beta Katalooga 0.98a Beta
@ktive Software

Katalooga - Make easy the task of catalog and search your cds.

FileList Siever 1.4 FileList Siever 1.4
Vasilis Stamatopoulos

FileList Siever - Index the contents of your folders in TXT,HTML,PDF or RTF format files.

MyLib 0.92 RC MyLib 0.92 RC

MyLib is functional and simple in use cataloger of disks, files and music with the possibilities of the extended search, addition of comments, functions of the autodescription, export to HTML and account of debtors.

myFlixer myFlixer

myFlixer lets you keep track of your NetFlix movie Queue right from your computer's desktop.

ListeCd 2.2.3 ListeCd 2.2.3
Faure RĂ©mi

ListeCd is a useful and free utility which is useful for managing your CD or DVD.

Euro Collector 2002 1.2.7 Euro Collector 2002 1.2.7
Euro Collector 2002

Euro Collector 2002 is a database program for euro coin collectors.

MOOsic Organiser 0.95 MOOsic Organiser 0.95
BlueCowMedia Limited

What is MOOsic Organiser? It's a tool used to organising and make tagging MP3 and Ogg files easy.

Cresotech Hotpancake (Player) 2.0 Cresotech Hotpancake (Player) 2.0
Cresotech, Inc.

Cresotech Hotpancake Player is a software package that allows you to replay multimedia collections created by Editor version of Cresotech Hotpancake.

WhereIsIt? Lite 3.50 WhereIsIt? Lite 3.50
Robert Galle

The freeware version of WhereIsIt?, WhereIsIt? Lite is a limited but freeware edition of the standard release.

ActualDoc Lite 2.0 ActualDoc Lite 2.0
Flexigen Software

ActualDoc Lite helps you to unique secure recent documents manager with universal documents viewer.

Simple Movie Database 1.0 Simple Movie Database 1.0

Simple Movie Database is an application which will keep track of movies, series, documentaries and such that you have seen or have opinions about.

Data Crow 2.9.7 Beta Data Crow 2.9.7 Beta
Robert-Jan van der Waals

Data Crow is a music (audio CD's and mp3, ogg, flac, ape, .

Disk Index 1.4.0 Disk Index 1.4.0

DiskIndex is a straight forward tool for showing disk information and generating a disk index.

eBookCollector 0.1.0 eBookCollector 0.1.0
Valentin Valchev

eBookCollector is a program designed in Java to manage your book collection.

Coollector 2.30 Coollector 2.30

Coollector is a great tool, a piece of software like no other and child-play to use.