Desktop Haunting 1.0

Desktop Haunting 1.0 Screenshot Desktop Haunting is not a screensaver.

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Desktop Haunting is not a screensaver.

Desktop Haunting is an application that when installed and activated it will then place itself in the Startup Folder.

After starting up the computer and 60 seconds later you will see nothing and begin to hear a Demonic Laughter which will run every 60 seconds.

Great for playing tricks on a friend or somebody or the family.

For those who would be more scared sitting in the kitchen or living room and thinking where is the laughter coming from which bedroom or wherever.

To stop the Demonic Laughter hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and click on Haunted Desktop and End Task it's that simple.

When you get fedup with it just remove it from Startup Folder.

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Desktop Haunting 1.0 screenshot

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Desktop Haunting 1.0 Desktop Haunting 1.0
Downloads Machine

Desktop Haunting is not a screensaver.

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Desktop Haunting 1.0 Desktop Haunting 1.0
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Desktop Haunting is not a screensaver.

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