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No More Cookies Screenshot Selectively save or delete your Internet cookies.

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Selectively save or delete your Internet cookies. Not all Internet cookies are good or bad. Pronto Internet Solutions designed No More Cookies to give you a choice.

Do you know and trust the site? If yes, you'll likely want to save that cookie because it will remember your password and preferences.

Use No More Cookies to immediately find out how many cookies and which cookies are on your PC. Authorize the ones you want to save and get rid of all those other tracking cookies.

When installed, No More Cookies appears as a "cookie" button on your Internet Explorer toolbar. Click the button to open the software. You can also access the software from the Internet Explorer Tools drop-down menu.

You can review the cookies placed on your system by time period – last 15 minutes, last hour, last 4 hours, last 24 hours, last month, etc. The default appearance is for “all” cookies on your system. Select the time frame you’d like to review. You’ll see a count of cookies on the right side of the window for that chosen time period.

In addition to the cookie domain source, the software displays when the cookies was last used, when it was created, the type of cookie (e.g., flash or IE) and the number of cookies placed on your PC from that source. To sort the information by column, just click on that column.

No More Cookies will provide a simple, clear-cut solution to selectively remove the growing number of cookie tracking files that are placed daily in your system.

Removing Unwanted Cookies

To remove cookies that were accessed during the time frame displayed, use the check box to select the cookies you want to remove and click Delete. If you want to remove all of the cookies from the displayed time frame, click Check All and then Delete.

Authorizing Cookies You Want To Keep

If you frequently visit a web site that requires a user name and password or for which you’ve preset the type of information that you want to see on that web site, you might want to save the cookie so that you don’t have to sign on each time you visit that web site.

To “save” the cookie, click on the box to the left of the source name and choose Authorize. You’ve just asked the software to move that source and all its underlying cookies to the Authorized tab so that you don’t have to continually review and accept that source each time you want to clean the cookies from your system.

Should you later change your mind about the benefit of that domain source, click the Authorized button from which you can review and delete previously approved sources and their underlying cookies.

  • Windows XP (Home Edition or Pro)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 through SP2

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    Authors software

    No More Cookies No More Cookies
    Pronto Internet Solutions Corporation

    Selectively save or delete your Internet cookies.

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    No More Cookies No More Cookies
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