HOST Searching 1.0

HOST Searching 1.0 Screenshot HOST Searching is a useful tool for office worker.

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HOST Searching is a useful tool for office worker. It is very easy to use. After filling the start ip and the end ip, you click the button of "search", the HOST Searching will begin the searching. The hostname and username had been found will be listed below.

You can get the information of "MAC address, Workgroup, IP address". You can open a host by double click it.

You can search host and user in any network segment. When HOST Searching runnning, it will uses the ip address segment that it had used last time.

With HOST Searching, you will easily find the information of any host in any network segment.

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HOST Searching 1.0 screenshot

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HOST Searching 1.0 HOST Searching 1.0

HOST Searching is a useful tool for office worker.

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HOST Searching 1.0 HOST Searching 1.0

HOST Searching is a useful tool for office worker.

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