GanttPV 0.7

GanttPV 0.7 Screenshot GanttPV was designed to create project schedules and manage team performance.

Developer:   Brian C. Christensen
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GanttPV was designed to create project schedules and manage team performance.

GanttPV schedules any number of projects. It captures the tasks for each project along with task estimates, durations, dependencies, and start dates. For each task it calculates the end date, free float, and total float.

GanttPV creates gantt charts by day, week, month, or quarter or any combination. Charts and reports can be exported as HTML.

GanttPV helps determine task assignments. It allocates hours to resources based on task duration and effort estimates. It calculates resource workload by day and week. Resources can be assigned to multiple projects.

GanttPV manages followup activities. It supports prioritization within and across projects.

GanttPV tracks the team's productivity (using earned value hours) and expenses (comparing planned vs. actual non-labor expenses).


Easy to install & easy to use.
It has a one-step installation (that doesn't require other programs or libraries to be installed first). Extensive documentation, including a guided tour, is available at the GanttPV web site. Unlimited undo and redo encourages discovery.

It includes the popular Python programming language. Users with programming experience may wish to write their own scripts. Everyone can benefit from scripts available at the GanttPV web site. Scripts can be used to automate tasks, add new functions, and import or export data. Scripts are added to GanttPV's Script menu by placing them in the Scripts directory. They act as if they were built in menu commands.

Runs on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux platforms. It was developed using wxPython, one of the most popular choices for cross platform development.

GanttPV is offered under the GNU GPL which means that you may freely copy this software and share it with your team members and fellow project managers. No more paperwork or negotiations to justify purchase of the scheduling tool you need.

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GanttPV 0.7 screenshot

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Authors software

GanttPV 0.7 GanttPV 0.7
Brian C. Christensen

GanttPV was designed to create project schedules and manage team performance.

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GanttPV 0.7 GanttPV 0.7
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GanttPV was designed to create project schedules and manage team performance.

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