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faces 1.1.1 Screenshot faces is a strong and free software for project management.

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faces is a strong and free software for project management. faces comes from flexible, automated, calculating, extendible, simulating.

faces is based on python, an easy to learn and powerful programming language.

faces features
  • If you need a fast chart for a presentation at your boss/client, faces is your tool:
  • Its extraordinary editing features let you create a project very fast and you can choose between many different charts.
  • If you want to precalculate a project, faces is your tool:
  • Calculate your project in different scenarios (e.g. best-, real- and worst case) and insert controlling tasks for meetings and administrational work: Their calculated effort and cost will change when the project gets longer or shorter. Classify the efficiency of your team members: A task will need less time, when it is done by a senior than by a junior. And finally adjust the real working time within your project: You have a forty hour week, but your team members will not work all that time on your project.
  • If you want to simulate risk conditions, faces is your tool:
  • Beside the multiple scenario planning, you can create alternative plans with additional tasks and simulate different risk conditions and their effect on your delivery date and cost.
  • If you have a company wide project management standard, faces is your tool:
  • Build your own company wide report and chart library and extend faces in any way you like. One of the main design goals of faces, is to be easily extendible to custom needs. Create your company specify faces version and make your project management more efficient.
  • If you want to schedule multiple projects with a common resource base (sometimes also called enterprise resource management), faces is your tool:
  • Put all resource in one file and import it in your projects. In faces you can split a big project into several sub project or combine multiple projects to one big project and schedule all your project together.
  • If several people should work on your project plan, faces is your tool:
  • Project plans are plain text files, you can use any version control system like subversion or csv, and merge multiple changes of different people.
  • If you want to track your project, faces is your tool:
  • You can collect actual working data and faces tells you the difference to the original planning and how it will change your planning in the future. Of course faces can also track your actual costs.
  • If you want to use agile development techniques, faces is your tool:
  • Store any textual data to your task, e.g. like story card and use the SMART balancing algorithm to schedule your pair programming teams.
  • If you want to have an always up to date project workbook, faces is your tool:
  • Use the Cheetah template engine to generate LaTeX output, or DocBook or any other text format you like, with included graphical charts.

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    faces 1.1.1 faces 1.1.1

    faces is a strong and free software for project management.

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    faces 1.1.1 faces 1.1.1

    faces is a strong and free software for project management.

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