FileCommander Screenshot FileCommander is a very powerfull file explorer with lots of tools in it (for example: file splitting).

Developer:   David Huttig
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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FileCommander is a very powerfull file explorer with lots of tools in it (for example: file splitting). You can include you own tools and open them of open a file with them.

Using FileCommander you will not lose overview over you hard drive(s)! Several fast activateable previews (e.g. text preview, audio preview, picture preview ...) you can fast view inside files. It has lots of more features then the standart explorer.

FileCommander features
  • browser windows, extendible to 4 browser windows
  • Picture, Text, HEX, HTML and Audio preview for every file (just active the preview and select a file, fast and easy)
  • Good tool implementation: add any program you want and you can start it very fast just by clicking on the program in the tools menu. If you right-click on a file and select a tool, the file will be opened by the tool
  • process list with all running processes, where it is easy and fast to kill tasks
  • software list for fast uninstall of the installed software on your pc
  • compare foldes and make them identical with one mouse click
  • create screen shots of your desktop or of the active window
  • detailed network monitor with current and total bytes send through your network card
  • start several file searches simultaniously, you can search in archives (.zip, .rar, ... , too)
  • compress files to one archive file
  • splitt files into several smaller files and combine them where every you want
  • detailed system info with lots of details of your pc and your windows
  • drive overview of every drive in your pc, including file system and free space
  • internal chat: chat with others in your network or over the internet
  • internal file sharing: share your files with others in your network or over the internet
  • configuratable copy process (apply file attributes ... ), pausable copy process
  • fast override selection (e.g.: let FileCommander only override smaller or older files in the destination directory)
  • simply add folders to your favorites simply by drag&drop on the favorites panel; just select them later to view them again
  • fast convetion from bitmap to jpeg files: just click right on a file and select convert!
  • fast folder browsing: double click on a folder: go to selected folder; double click on empty space: move to parent folder

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