DVDPlanner BASIC Screenshot DVDPlanner BASIC is a fully featured DVD authoring solution.

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DVDPlanner BASIC is a fully featured DVD authoring solution.

DVDPlanner has been written to bridge the gap between the ultra expensive commercial apps (like Scenarist) that offer full DVD authoring capabilities to the overly simplistic programs out there, with a watchful eye on DVD compliance.

DVDPlanner BASIC features
  • AC3audio-anychannelconfigurationupto5.1
  • DTSaudio(768kbpsor1536kbps)
  • LinearPCMaudio(wrappedinaWAVfile)
  • Upto8audiostreams-eachstreamIDcustomisable
  • Multipleaudioplaysperaudiostream
  • Audiodelay
  • Multiplevideoplayspertrack
  • Upto32subpicturestreams-eachstreamIDcustomisable
  • ScriptsupportincScenarist.scpfiles
  • Subpictureviewingandtimestampediting
  • Anysizeandbitdepthissupportedforsubpictures
  • MultipleVTS
  • PGCcommandeditor
  • Reuseoftracksacrossmultipledomains
  • UOPSatthecell,pgcandtitlelevel
  • Audio/subpicturestreammappingwithinthePGCincmenudomains
  • Multi-lingualmenus
  • CommandLinesupport
  • FullmenusupportfromwithintheUI
  • WizardfeatureforcreatingaDVDincludingMenus
  • BuiltinIframeencoderforencodingofbmpfiles
  • MPEG1support
  • DropdownmenuswithRightmouseclick

    Two versions have been built; a BASIC and a PRO version. The BASIC is freeware. The PRO version is $29.95 and will continually be updated with new features

    Limitations of the BASIC version:
  • No DTS audio permitted
  • A maximum of 2 audio streams
  • A maximum of 4 subpicture streams
  • No subpicture timestamp editing
  • Only 24 PGC commands per PGC allowed
  • A maximum of either 12, 6 or 4 buttons per menu depending on the display mode
  • A maximum of 4 Tracks
  • MPEG1 not permitted
  • Only 1 Track can be made via the Wizard (But all menus can be made from this Track)

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    DVDPlanner BASIC screenshot

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    DVDPlanner BASIC DVDPlanner BASIC

    DVDPlanner BASIC is a fully featured DVD authoring solution.

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    DVDPlanner BASIC DVDPlanner BASIC

    DVDPlanner BASIC is a fully featured DVD authoring solution.

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