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D2MP 3.1 D2MP 3.1

D2MP is a simple tool for converting DivX to DVD.

VUKeyfinder 0.99d VUKeyfinder 0.99d

VUK keyfinder that utilizes a WinHex Script to find the VUK of a HD-DVD from a memory dump.

MEDA CD Ripper 2.2 MEDA CD Ripper 2.2
Medafan Technology

MEDA CD Ripper is CD copies software that helps to make audio files from your audio CD.

Install-It 2.0 Install-It 2.0
Mike Singer

When burned to the root of a CD, Install-It will automatically launch when the CD is inserted and display a list of program setup files which have been burned onto the CD.

CDDataExtract 2.1 CDDataExtract 2.1
Richard Daley Associates

CDDataExtract is a simple mechanism for extracting the contents of a data CD onto disk and removing the "readonly" attribute on copied files and directories.

CDDoc! 0.22 CDDoc! 0.22
Micware software

Free DVD Maker 1.1 Free DVD Maker 1.1
Online Funny DVD Technologies Ltd.

Free DVD Maker convert and burn Avi, Mpg, Wmv, Asf, Mov to Video DVD .

ArtCine NFO Creator ArtCine NFO Creator

ArtCine NFO Creator is a program for creating NFO files for your DVDs.

Cdrom List Creator 3.1 Cdrom List Creator 3.1
Lior Ostrowsky

Cdrom List Creator is an application designed to be a CD indexer, that can save and print directories and files names.

32ndRipper 0.2.0 beta 32ndRipper 0.2.0 beta
Darrell L

A simple CD -to- wav -to- mp3 encoder with just the right amount of features.

DVDFab HD Decrypter DVDFab HD Decrypter
Fengtao Software

DVDFab HD Decrypter comes with same functionality as DVDFab Decrypter, but with full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support (Removes AACS).

CDSurf.Net 2006 CDSurf.Net 2006
Mete Kamil

Surf and search your CD collection at a rapid 20 CDs per second! Locate missing MP3s, Photos and other Documents quick and easy! Requirements: ยท .


DVDPlanner BASIC is a fully featured DVD authoring solution.

DVDFab Decrypter DVDFab Decrypter
Fengtao Software

DVDFab Express is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD movie.

DVDBase 1.0.2 DVDBase 1.0.2
Mark Nemtsas

DVDBase is a DVD collection manager with some useful options you can pick of for creating your DVD databases.

CD Banker 2.0.4 CD Banker 2.0.4
Black Rose Developers

CD Banker is a free and useful application which can archive folders and files that are on cd's and make virtual software bank with search and indicating type of cd and more.

IceTea 1.3 IceTea 1.3

IceTea software will allow you to convert your old PSX CD's for use in the Sony PSP system.

DVD ImgTool 0.89 DVD ImgTool 0.89

DVD ImgTool was the first product of the ImgTool program line.

AudioCrusher 1.4 AudioCrusher 1.4

AudioCrusher is a tool which lets you to extract digital audio from audio CDs and save the audio data in various sound formats.

Dirk Paehl

CDTOHTML is a useful application that gives you the opportunity to create a HTML file for CDs include all file and from folder, a search system and a AUTORUN.

SC DVD Ripper and Burner SC DVD Ripper and Burner

SC DVD Ripper Burner software represents one of those must have utilities, indispensable for ripping / grabbing audio files from CDs to your hard drive or for creating on-the-fly your own customized Audio CDs from your favorite songs in the supported formats with No additional temporary disc space required! So you can listen to them in your car stereo or portable CD player.

Long Filename Finder 1.1 Long Filename Finder 1.1

Long Filename Finder is ana pplication that finds and shortens filenames that are too long to be backed up to CD-R (or CD-RW).

CD ROM Drive Disabler 2.0 CD ROM Drive Disabler 2.0

CD ROM Drive Disabler is a free program which allows you to easily enable or disable CD ROM drives on your Windows 2, 2003, or XP system.

CD Archive 1.3 CD Archive 1.3
Zero Software

CD Archive is a free tool that allows you to archive the content of your CD/DVD ROMs so you can simply search for archived files later.

CD Maker 4.190 CD Maker 4.190
Tony's Freewarepage

CD Maker is an application that allows you to set up files ready for burning to CD/DVD and it lets you set the size of, or space available on the CD/DVD so that you don't burn a partial file and then run out of room.