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Dukelupus AutoRun 1.0 Dukelupus AutoRun 1.0

AutoRun is a very simple utility that helps you create autorun menu for CD's or DVD's.

CDAuto 3.3 CDAuto 3.3
Cyberprog New Media 2002

CDAuto is an application designed to be a versitile Autorun Menu solution.

CDML 1.0 CDML 1.0

Are you creating a product or portfolio CD for distribution to your client base or for marketing to prospective customers? Do you need to open an HTML page when your CD launches? CDML is a HTML launcher application designed for use in CD autorun.

eAutoRun 1.0 eAutoRun 1.0
Eric Rodda-Software

eAutoRun was created to assist CD authors in the process of making the files required to autostart (autorun) an HTML file.

Dariusz Stanislawek Autorun 1.00 Dariusz Stanislawek Autorun 1.00
Dariusz Stanislawek

Autorun is a free tool that works with "autorun.

reader URLs 005 reader URLs 005

reader URLs is a free and useful program that allows you to check the set of URLs.

DivX Autorun 1.3 DivX Autorun 1.3
Jouni Vuorio

Now you are able to easily create autorun menus for your DivX cd-roms.

Autorun Pascal Builder 2.0 Autorun Pascal Builder 2.0
Murariu Alexandru

Autorun Pascal Builder is a free Autorun Builder.

Quick Menu Builder 1.31 Quick Menu Builder 1.31
Matthieu Godon

You can create design menu quickly without programming anything.

CDInterface Studio CDInterface Studio
Theodoros Antoniou

CDInterface studio is a freeware application developed for creating autoplay/autorun cd menus.

Speedo Autorun Maker 1.4 Speedo Autorun Maker 1.4
Highdesert Software

Speedo Autorun Maker is a useful and handy autorun file generator utility.

CD Menu Author CD Menu Author
GD Software Att. Brian Bergh

CD Menu Author creates autorun menus for your cd's.

ShellRun 1.1 ShellRun 1.1
PHD Computer Consultants Ltd

ShellRun lets you autoplay a site or a file on the Windows CD.

CDStarter 1.1 CDStarter 1.1
Richard Low

You can define your own lists and each button can have its own icon.

1st AutoRun Express 3.2 1st AutoRun Express 3.2
Green Parrots Software

Do you want to burn CDs with presentations, documents and webpages? Would you like it to run automatically, when inserted into user's PC? In this case you need to make CD autorunnable.

CDBrowser 3.2 CDBrowser 3.2

CDBrowser is a stand-alone front-end application for distributed CD-ROM disks.

4Menu basic CD front end 1.558 4Menu basic CD front end 1.558
Visual Vision

4 Menu Basic is a simple set of files: it allows you to create an autoplay / autorun CD where you can put any kind of file.

MediaMenu 1.40 MediaMenu 1.40
Alberto Martinez Perez

MediaMenu - this program is a highly customizable full-screen menu, designed to present the media contents (MP3, video,.

SaschArt Flash Loader 1.2 SaschArt Flash Loader 1.2

Flash Loader is simple but smart application for CD Multimedia Presentation in flash.

Karen's Autorun.inf Editor 1.4 Karen's Autorun.inf Editor 1.4
Karen Kenworthy

Easily create the Autorun.

AutorunCD Assistant 1.16 AutorunCD Assistant 1.16
Vasilios Freeware

A five steps wizard to create in secure the Autorun CD files , in the choosen directory were the rest of the CD-to-burn files are.

MediaCD 3.5a MediaCD 3.5a
Bot Productions

MediaCD is a complete application for creating customized, autorun-enabled media discs for archival or distriubtion.