D.G. Net Meter 1.1.38

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Developer:   Daniele Giabbai
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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D.G. Net Meter - an utility to track network usage, showing actual vertical bar graphs for both download and upload byte amounts. It lets you determine if a download failed or if it has finished (no download activity). It is also useful for detecting at a glance if someone's stealing files and documents from your computer (unexpected upload activity).

D.G. Net Meter is a network utility for those who want to keep track of network usage.

Here are some key features of "D G Net Meter":

  • FREE!
  • Network usage graph.
  • Actual and total network usage values.
  • Start with Windows.
  • Topmost, configurable transparent window.
  • Easy redimension/move window.
  • Hideable systray icon.
  • Visual Basic 6 source code!

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    D.G. Net Meter 1.1.38 screenshot

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    D.G. Net Meter 1.1.38 D.G. Net Meter 1.1.38
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