ColorWrite 1.1

ColorWrite 1.1 Screenshot ColorWrite is able to convert color specifications between RGB, CMY, CMYK and HSV.

Developer:   Paul Pomeroy
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ColorWrite is able to convert color specifications between RGB, CMY, CMYK and HSV. It even generates the code you need for using a color in HTML, CSS or Java. And now it helps you with color combinations, too.

ColorWrite uses tabbed panels to get a lot of functionality into a relatively small space. By using tabs, ColorWrite is able to fit seven different ways of working with colors into the space of one. By clicking on a tab you are activating that tab's interface and you are changing how ColorWrite will enable you to select or define colors.

Regardless of which tab you've activated, the Preview and Palette areas will appear and function the same. The Preview area always shows you the color you've selected or are defining. Any changes you make to a color's definition are instantly visible here. Also, keep in mind that the code on the Code Generator Panel always contains the color values for the color in the Preview area.

The Palette is where you save colors you want to work with (or generate code for) later. Pressing the Add button adds the color in the Preview area to the Palette. A Color is always added to the first (top, left) swatch after all of the other colors are moved over to make room for it. If the palette is full when you add a color, the last (36th) color will be discarded.

Clicking on any color in the Palette will make that color appear in the Preview area. If you're on the HSV, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Code Generator Panel when you click on a palette color, you'll see that the values (settings) are immediately updated to match the new color.

ColorWrite features
  • Web Safe Colors
  • Color Schemes
  • RGB Colors
  • HSV Colors
  • CMY/CMYK Colors
  • The Preview Area
  • The Color Palette
  • The Code Generator

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    ColorWrite 1.1 screenshot

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    Authors software

    ColorWrite 1.1 ColorWrite 1.1
    Paul Pomeroy

    ColorWrite is able to convert color specifications between RGB, CMY, CMYK and HSV.

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    ColorWrite is able to convert color specifications between RGB, CMY, CMYK and HSV.

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