CIP 5.0 SR7

CIP 5.0 SR7 Screenshot CIP is a HOSTS file manager.

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CIP is a HOSTS file manager. that allows you to add frequently visited pages to your HOSTS file to speed up your browsing (a little) by eliminating the need for frequent DNS queries. CIP resides on your taskbar for easy access.

It it will find the hosts file in use by your system and open it automatically if it`s there. CIP displays four fields in its list view: URL, Description (hidden by default), IP (filled in by CIP), and Verified (when CIP was last able to identify the IP as current and correct).

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CIP 5.0 SR7 screenshot

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CIP 5.0 SR7 CIP 5.0 SR7

CIP is a HOSTS file manager.

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CIP 5.0 SR7 CIP 5.0 SR7

CIP is a HOSTS file manager.

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