CESRURunning 1.0

CESRURunning 1.0 Screenshot CESRURunning is a useful and freeware Delphi component with source code that will come to your help.

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CESRURunning is a useful and freeware Delphi component with source code that will come to your help. This component came about due to my programming need for a component to let me know whether or not another program or window is or was running.

I use this component for demo applications that I do not want to run outside of the Delphi environment or other language, (if there really is any other programming language).

It was also needed in several programs which COULD NOT run while one of my other applications was running. Lastly, the inverse is true whereby I needed to ensure that one of my applications was running before I allowed another application to start up. This was all to ensure proper hardware communication as well as to solve other unique problems. Whew!! That was a mouthful. Anyway, you can check for another application at anytime with events and a "manual" procedure as well.

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CESRURunning 1.0 screenshot

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