AtNow 1.1

AtNow 1.1 Screenshot AtNow is a command-line utility that schedules programs and commands to run in the near future.

Developer:   Nir Sofer
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AtNow is a command-line utility that schedules programs and commands to run in the near future.

By default, the commands will executed within 70 seconds or less from the moment that you run AtNow with the desired command.

AtNow [ComputerName] [Delay] [/interactive] "command" [Parameters]

  • ComputerName - Specifies a remote computer. If this parameter is omitted, the commands are executed on the local computer
  • Delay - Specifies when the command is to run, expressed as a number of seconds from the current time. The default is 70 seconds. In most cases, you should not change this value (See the notice below)
    Notice: In most systems, there is a nasty bug in Microsoft Scheduler Service:
    When you schedule a command for a specific time, the seconds in the scheduled time are always truncated. For example: if a command is scheduled to execute at 16:35:32, it'll actually be executed at 16:35:00.
    Due to this bug, the delay value must be greater than 60 seconds. Otherwise, the command might not be executed.
    You should also be aware that if this bug exists on your system, the actual delay might be different from the delay that you specify.
  • /interactive - If this parameter is specified, the executed program can interact with the desktop of user who is currently logged on. (Similar to /interactive parameter in AT command)
  • "command" - Specifies the Windows NT command or program. If the command contains space characters, you must enclose the command with quotes.
  • Parameters - Specifies the parameters of the program.

  • AtNow COMP1 /interactive "c:winntsystem32regedt32.exe"
  • AtNow "c:program filescmdscmd2.cmd"
  • AtNow "c:program filesMySofttest1.exe" /p /m
  • AtNow /interactive "calc.exe"

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    AtNow 1.1 screenshot

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