Typing Made Easy 2.0

Typing Made Easy 2.0 Screenshot Typing made easy is a useful, fun and interactive way to learn to type.

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Typing made easy is a useful, fun and interactive way to learn to type. The program is broken down into ten easy to master lessons. Each lesson will build on the previous one.

After you have mastered the tenth and final lesson you should be able to type almost anything you like without having to look down at the keyboard. As you master a lesson you can progress to the next where new characters and symbols will be added.

Increase your ability to create professional looking documents or just chat faster online. Whatever your reason Typing Made Easy can help you become a better typist. Typing Made Easy deploys Microsoft(c) Agent to keep you informed on your progress. This is a fun, interactive, and easy to learn program, and best of all its completely free.

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Typing Made Easy 2.0 Typing Made Easy 2.0

Typing made easy is a useful, fun and interactive way to learn to type.

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Typing Made Easy 2.0 Typing Made Easy 2.0

Typing made easy is a useful, fun and interactive way to learn to type.

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